J.Lo in Manila!

Wow!!!, that was such a long day! So many things happened.. but I would rather have it like this than to sit at home doing nothing so I’m happy J Hahaha! We almost weren’t able to watch J.Lo’s concert but thanks to all the noble scalpers outside the Arena, we did! So a big hooray [...]

How to take care of your velvet clothing?

  Velvet is a pile fabric, meaning that it has a smooth back and a front covered with a dense blanket of soft, short fibers. Fabric manufacturers create velvet by making loops in the threads as the fabric is woven, then cutting the loops into short strands. Velvet traditionally has a cotton or linen back [...]

Epic Fail

“F*ck! I wish everyday had a costume party!” Those were my thoughts after talking to Madam. I was so pissed off that I wasn’t able to stay long at Republiq’s Halloween Ball! I waited so long for this party because I wasn’t able to stay that long either last year since I had to leave [...]

What do you expect?

Hey everyone! I know you guys missed me.. so I’m updating my blog on this new website. I hope you guys will love it because it’s been totally revamped into something fresh and exciting and I’m also paying for this website, just for you, my dear followers! Because I know you know I love you! [...]